Welcome to Afridelta Protection Services

The security industry is an integral part of our world, especially in times such as these when crime and terrorism has been taken to an all - time high. Afridelta Protection Services is established by a Professional, Highly Trained, Skilled and Experienced former Special Task Force Operator, who has personally been involved in numerous Special Operations.

  • Specialist Security Company registered with PSIRA, B-BBEE level 1 in South Africa.
  • Global Specialist’s in Executive Protection /VIP /CPO /PSD.
  • Assessing potential risks to the client and implementing processes and controls to mitigate those risks.
  • Create a safe environment for our Client’s specific needs whilst providing a quality service.
  • Integration of a diverse team of operational global security specialists.
  • Special Operations in hostile environments and extensive experience in various security disciplines.
  • Team includes former Special Forces Operators, Presidential Protection Officers, Police Officers and Soldiers. 
  • Close Protection Officers/Bodyguards are professional, discreet, highly trained, experienced, skilled who operate in any circumstances.
  • Precise planning of client’s itinerary, events and life support services.
  • Empowering by providing the best theoretical, practical and specialised real world training, focused on discipline and quality.
  • Use of an accredited Training Academy in South Africa, to conduct high level training.

Afridelta Protection Services Offers

Executive Protection

Afridelta Protection Services Close Protection Officers are seasoned former Special Forces Operators, Presidential Protection Officers, Police Officers and Soldiers...

Specialised Training

Team of security industry experts who have extensive operational experience in hostile environments. They are passionate about providing candidates with...

Risk Management

To maintain profitability, companies need to stay fully operational at all times and whether your company needs a security risk assessment for one location or for...

Asset Protection

Today’s security threats require serious responses by capable professionals who are able to protect your employees and property....